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S3 Packaging

The most durable,
quality Single Serve Snap.


Uncompromising durability in an ultra thin, flat package. The S3 Snap is a strong, easily opened sachet for liquids, creams and gels that won’t break or leak.

The S3 Packaging System has been developed to provide a high quality, strong, but easy-to-open single serve snap sachet to deliver a range of liquids, gels and jellies with an attractive and engaging artboard to suit a multitude of customers and applications.


Completely sealed & airtight,
with no perforations.


Fully waterproof, protected against moisture & pressure.


Highly durable with strong against twisting & crushing.


Flat design reduces secondary packaging & logistics costs


Large, glossy surface supports high-resolution artwork.


Recyclable packaging reduces environmental impact.



High Efficiency,

High Efficacy.


An S3 Snap can be opened by just two fingers and the contents applied in a controlled flow. This single handed operation allows it to be suitable for people of all ages, strengths and abilities.

Each Snap can hold up to 15 ml of contents while still comfortably and safely contained within the non-perforated seal. The fast application of the contents is achieved by eliminating the need to rip, tear, or in anyway remove a portion of the package. This has further benefits by reducing the spillage potential and containing all waste to the single snap.




S3 Snaps are ideal packaging for a single serve of liquid foods such as Manuka Honey or Truffle Oil. The contents are safely sealed inside and protected from contamination, but are easily dispensed by the consumer. S3 Snaps are also perfect for Sports Nutrition as an on-demand energy boost.



The ease of use and cleanliness of the S3 Snap is unsurpassed. It is an ideal choice for single applications of cosmetic creams, cleansers and lotions. The durable S3 packaging prevents contaminant and ensures a long shelf-life. S3 Snaps are easily opened with one hand and a controlled quantity can be applied directly to the face or hand.

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Dispensing precisely measured dose can be achieved safely and efficiently with S3 Snaps. Medicinal liquids and gels can be packed in single doses which can be administered easily with just two fingers making it an an ideal choice for the elderly or infirm, and can be taken orally, applied directly to the skin, or added to a food or drink.


Engineering & Industry

The single hand opening and application makes the S3 Snap perfect for applying measured quantities of lubricants or other substances in tight spots. The slim profile of the packing allows the product to be easily slipped into a shirt pocket or in the side pocket of a bag with needing to carry around a full size container.


Graphic Design

Move Over,


The graphic design of a product is as important as it’s function. The curve of a bottle or the crinkle of soft plastic wrapping distorts the visual designs the manufacturer wants to convey.

The S3 Snap stands out from other products in its class with its large, glossy front plate that won’t distort or deteriorate in any way. The Food-Grade ink itself is contained between two polymer sheets making it resistant to scratches, scuffs and chemical damage. Full colour spectrum of inks are able to be used with an HD 600 DPI Printing Resolution. A full swatch of Metallic inks are also able to be applied to really step-up the mark.



Full Colour Palette



Print Area


600 DPI



A Softer Side


The reverse side of a S3 Snap is soft and pliable. Most clients opt to use a strong transparent polymer to give the consumer a clear window of the snaps’ contents safely sealed inside, but some products may need additional protection from UV-A/B light damage and other atmospheric conditions. We can apply a range of plain or custom printed opaque polymers and aluminium-based foils which will not only protect the contents but can also enhance the overall feel of the Snap.

S3 Packaging offers a full graphic design service to our clients if needed. Otherwise clients are encouraged to use their existing designers to ensure consistent visuals across their product ranges. Artwork templates are provided for client & third-party designers.

Download artwork templates here:





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Secondary Packaging

As unique & eye catching as the primary


The extraordinary and innovative S3 Snap Design gives an opportunity for our clients to present their products in new and exciting ways. A single Snap presented in a brochure or as a sampler in a magazine, to a more conventional 10-pack box or ‘match-box’ style slider, or consider a 30-pack Monthly Box. S3 Snaps are not limited to the traditional, but lends itself towards to creative.

A range of secondary packaging die-set are available for our clients, however our design team are also available to help our clients conceptualize fresh designs.

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Efficient Packing

Kill The Dead Space

A whole lot of nothing can cost a whole lot. ‘Dead space’, the unused space between objects when packed into regular boxes, can take up to 22% of the carton’s volume. That 22% of your costs by taking up rackspace in warehouses, shop shelves, and in airfreight - everywhere that you pay for by the cubic centimetre.

Depending on your secondary packaging, S3 Snaps can reduce this wasted space down to under 8%.






S3 Snap


Up to 92%



The Zigzag

Jaws of Life


The crucial feature of a S3 Snap is the distinct lack of any perforation. Any pre-formed opening or pre-cut inherently weakens the product leading to spoilage, or worse, contamination.

S3 Snaps feature patent-protected moulded ‘Jaws’ that, when the Snap is sufficiently bent in half, snaps open the internal seals and allow the contents to flow out. It is these same Jaws that also control the flow of the contents - varying the pressure applied to the snap itself opens and closes the Jaws to pushout the contents or restrict its flow as the consumer desires.

No other single serve sachet affords such control.


Bigger bite?


While the majority of our clients’ products suit our standard sets, differing liquid viscosities and ranging applications call for tailored packaging. On a S3 Snap, the Jaws are moulded at the time of printing and spooling, and so custom Jaw moulding dies can be produced as per the clients requirements for each specific product. Desired rates of flow and levels of control can be achieved by specifying the size of the Jaws as well as the size, angle and number of ‘Teeth’.

Our Design & Engineering team can assist clients’ requiring bespoke packaging engineering.



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